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Each and every one of our Gods of the Galaxy’s attributes and backgrounds have been designed and hand drawn from the ground up, fitting together seamlessly to create a completely unique but coherent artwork.

A carefully orchestrated lighting setup across the board means that we are able to achieve contrast and shadow accuracy across all of the God’s and their attributes, allowing each artwork to shine in it’s own individual splendour.

Each of the God of the Galaxy will have a wide range of hand-drawn attributes exclusive to themselves, these are their preferred and prized possesions that they have collected over a millenia of quest, battle and prophecy. Their treasures include complete armor sets, weapons, powers and even hairstyles.

Included are attributes which can be found across all of the artworks in the collection, grounding each and every God in the same chaotic universe.

What is Gods of the Galaxy?

The Gods of the Galaxy NFT range is changing the hand-drawn NFT art game. We are striving to up the standard, complexity and quality of art within the Solana NFT space and rebuild the narrative of NFTs as a long term commitment. Our deflationary NFT range consists of 6 hand-illustrated/painted Greek Gods, all with their own individual attribute sets.

Our mission?

We aim to bring together like-minded individuals to navigate with us through the realms of the gods. We aim to build a strong community with a passion for high quality art with great utility. We aim to create long term value for our holders through the God’s Vault. The God’s vault will be the main value-driving force behind this project. In the near future, Eygyptian and Nordic God NFT collections will join our realm in the galaxies. Gods will guard the access to the portal.

The Gods of the Galaxy


After decisively crushing all the divine races who would dare oppose the might of Olympus, Zeus sat upon the diamond Sky-throne atop his great mountain and proceeded to rule over creation. He would assign every God a role and missive, as had been with the previous generations of divine rule. But this nonsense of Khaos? He would pay it no mind, it was merely a way for the Titans to keep the far stronger Olympians docile. He, His thunder and His Olympians, could withstand anything the cosmos could throw at them.
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When Cronus was finally bound and peace reigned after millennia of war against the elder races, Poseidon was gifted the jade sea throne after his brother Zeus took the throne of Olympus and sky. He ruled over the boundless seas and all the secrets and power contained therein. With constant exposure to the silent majesty of the seas, he grew wise, yet increasingly wary of something that Gaia had warned him of before she commenced her eternal slumber. A doom that would come to all on Olympus
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She had first awoken in pitch black, in the absence of anything. All she could sense were her primordial siblings, but there was something more. An old power that frightened her. She knew she had to bring forth life and create to drown out this terrible presence. So her great work commenced.
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When he first awoke on the cosmic plain between reality and the void, he had the honor of witnessing Mother Gaia create a stupendously grand work. But with his birth, he knew his purpose. The only thing that would drive his actions and haunt his dreams. To stand against the ever-threat of Khaos.
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It had been before all that now is, yet it itself had never been. Omnipresent and omnipotent, it had sensed all that had transpired in creation since it first birthed the very foundations. But the great cosmic orchestra is due for a crescendo.
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Eurystratos had fought in countless wars for the glory of Sparta since he was but a green boy of 12. His mother had named him after the first Dual Kings of Sparta, in order to evoke ancient powers within him. But He had grown tired of fighting to please ever-bored Gods, for to see mortals spill each other’s blood was but entertainment for them. And he grew to resent the powers that caused men to be powerless when their fate and lives were concerned.
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The journey from Tartarus to Olympus

When mint?

Our mint date is currently set for the 4th of February 2022.

Our pre-sale will be taking place on the Skyline NFT launchpad. Our public sale will be taking place on Magic Eden’s launchpad.

Mint price?

Each mint will cost 0.5 Sol in the pre-sale and 0.65 Sol in the public sale.

6% royalties, 50% to the Gods’ vault and 50% to the dev team.

How many can one wallet mint?

The maximum amounts that can be minted are different for the 2 tiers of members.
OG Presale: Max 2
Public Sale: Max 3

Therefore, the max any one wallet can mint will be 5 Gods.

Can I connect my wallet before launch?

Yes you will be able to connect your wallet to the mint site before launch.

Which marketplaces will you be on, and how soon?

We will be listing on Magic Eden.

Rarity chart?

We will release rarity charts on our website and other rarity tool sites shortly after launch.

How many pieces are there?

There will be a maximum of 3333 unique pieces

Is each item hand-drawn?

Each of our character bases and attributes are hand-illustrated and seamlessly fused together. In the minting process each one of these bases/attributes will be randomly generated together to create unique pieces.

How do you get an OG role/Whitelist?

OG role was awarded to the first few joined and early supporters of the project that have proved their worth to the realm.

400 whitelist spots will be made available, more info on this is available on our discord. (expect competitions, genuine engagement with community, etc).

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